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About Me

I have always been interested in traditional and alternative healing modalities to help people achieve a better state physically, mentally and emotionally. From an early age, I gave massages to family members and friends without having learned any specific techniques. I simply enjoyed doing it and the receivers were happy. Seeing them in a better state made me even happier and motivated me to improve my skills. Sadly, I had neglected this passion while attending college to study media and communications. But after having worked in an office for several months, I realized I was in need of massages myself and it rekindled my interest in massages.

This interest had sent me on my search for a skilled and experienced teacher to learn from. I found Ananda Apfelbaum, who has over 20 years of experience in various massage practices from Traditional Thai Massage, Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, Tuina, and reflexology. Ananda has studied in the US as well as Thailand, China, India, and Japan. Through her intense workshops in Traditional Thai Massage and after completing levels one and two, I had earned my certificate! She has been a great resource and continues to be a mentor to me. I am forever grateful to have received such thorough instruction and to finally have the techniques to implement what has always been my passion – the ability to heal with my hands!

I regard the body, mind, and soul as one unit – if one element is out of balance, so is the rest. In order to keep the unit in balance, we need to nurture our soul, mind and body alike. Restoring balance can be achieved by working on each of these elements, as they go hand in hand, influencing one another. My goal as a masseuse is to help restore this balance physically through Thai Massage. The movements and stretches will help release tightness in the muscles, increase blood circulation, restore flexibility and also increase the range of motions. You will have more energy, yet be in a relaxed and calm state. I incorporate Reiki, Aromatherapy and other healing modalities where needed. You will feel a major difference after you try one of my massages so feel free to make an appointment today!

Lindai Schwarz

Body & Soul – Signature Massage

Whether you are an athlete, do physical work, are on your feet all the time or are required to sit at a desk most of the day, our signature massage will address your specific needs! The body & soul massage was developed to serve your individual needs as best as possible. Every person has a different body structure, different composition, different problem zones and thus, requires different attention. That is why we offer a unique massage for you that addresses YOUR specific needs – every time, because what you need might change, let’s say when you decide to go to the gym more often, change your diet or other routine. The signature massage will vary in techniques used, but also uses different massage oils (relaxing, invigorating, soothing) and incorporates aromatherapy and reiki (energy work) where necessary. Let us take care of you the best way we can!

Rose Supreme

Our most exclusive service that elevates your spirit and leaves you floating for days. Rose essential oil in its purest form is used to literally raise your vibration. This session is more than just a physical treatment, it pampers all your senses and deeply penetrates your energy field. Appointments have to be scheduled at least one week in advance. Payment required when booking.

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

Thai massage, also known as “Lazy Yoga” is a combination of stretching, pressing, palming, and other movements to loosen muscles and joints, and thus increases flexibility. It also involves work on an extensive network of energy lines acting as an external stimulant to produce specific internal effects. This part serves as the main distinction between Thai and Western massage. Other benefits of regular Thai massage include relief from constipation, headaches, sciatica, back and neck pain. Thai massage is practiced on a firm mat on the floor instead of on a table, instrumental in the effective use of the practitioner’s body weight. Except for the feet, the client remains fully clothed, so draping is not necessary.

Aromatherapy with Essential Oils

A treat for the senses: In this session you will experience nature’s fragrances in its purest form to uplift, balance and energize you on all levels – physical, emotional and mental. This modality focuses on elevating your overall well-being and essential oils are selected specifically for you according to your needs at the time of the session.

Body Scrub and Lotion

The Body Scrub is exfoliating and invigorating. The skin becomes softer and the blood circulation is encouraged through the massage. The application of lotion, after a shower, is rehydrating, soothing and relaxing.

Raindrop Technique

The Raindrop Technique combines three fields: The Vitaflex technique from the Tibetans, the Featherstroke technique from the Lakota Indians and classical aromatherapy!

The Raindrop technique exclusively uses therapeutic grade essential oils, specific massage techniques from the Lakota and Tibetans, as well as a warm compress to help the oils absorb into the skin. The oils are only applied to the feet and the back, neck stretches will be applied where appropriate.


Reiki is a gentle form of energy work, which was developed in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki is composed of two words and literally means Rei = higher power Ki = life energy. Based on the principles of Reiki illness is caused by low or unbalanced energy. The Reiki practitioner uses energy to balance the client’s energy levels. Reiki can be used to treat physical or emotional problems. A Reiki session is done on a massage table or mat on the floor fully clothed.

Additional Services

We also do house calls and offer combined services as well as yearly packages and membership plans. Please contact us for yearly rates and current package deals. Sign up for our newsletter to receive seasonal promotions.

House Calls – Relax and enjoy a massage treatment in the comfort of your home for an additional fee of $30-$50 depending on your location and availability of equipment (additional fee for massage table and thai mat).

Combined Services – Make the most out of your visit and save when choosing two or three different treatments
You can combine 2 or 3 different 60/90 min. services to address your specific needs.
Popular combinations include Raindrop Technique and Reiki and Thai Yoga Massage.

Yearly Commitment to Your Health
1 year of monthly Thai Massage or Essential Oils Treatment or Reiki (60 min./ 90 min. / 120min. sessions available)
Please contact us at [email protected] for monthly subscription plans as well as membership plans with additional benefits.

Aromatherapy treatments – Comes with consultation and establishing a specific treatment plan for you. Please call or email us to set up an initial consultation appointment or try an Aromatherapy with Essential Oils session to get a better idea of it.

Wellness at Home – Treat your friends and loved ones to a wellness day in the comfort of your home. You can choose if you want it to be purely relaxing, educational (Yes, we do teach wellness at home classes!) or both. For groups of 4 or more.

Raindrop Technique Training – Want to learn how to administer the Raindrop Technique? We offer one and two day intensives. Please inquire for details and upcoming training dates.

Reiki Training – Want to become a Reiki practitioner? We offer one and two day training for level 1, 2 and 3 (Reiki Master Teacher Training). Please inquire for details and upcoming training dates.


…I was more than surprised that she intuitively found all the sore spots and problem zones without me telling her. She did an amazing job working on my shoulders and back, which were especially sore. I felt very relaxed when I left and have become a regular since then…

– Joao, 47, Construction Worker

Every session with Lindai is amazing. I leave very relaxed and feel like a new man. I make sure to see her at least once a month.

– Eddie, Massage Therapist

… Then I met Lindai and was so happy when she massaged me. She has that “touch” that relaxes you and can find all those sore spots and knots and such great strength and endurance to work them out. Since I come from Long Island, I can’t go see her often, but I try to see her as often as possible!

– Anna, Chef

My job keeps me on my feet all day and often at night if I have a dance performance. As dance teacher I can’t afford to be stiff or inflexible. Lindai makes sure my muscles are relaxed and my joints lose. I try to see her on a regular basis.

– Alex, 40, Dance Teacher

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– Olga P. – Yoga Teacher

Lindai, you surpassed my expectations.
Working as a stretch therapist,  my body was under lot of  stress, sore, particularly my right side.
You truly took your time, and used your expertise to combine couple of techniques,  which truly relieved my pain.
Session was thoughtfully designed, I felt at ease with your personality as well, wellcoming, and warm.
The most appealing part, are different techniques, you mastered, definitely highly recommend it.
Thank you, Marina

– Marina S. – Stretch Therapist

Testimonial on Lindai Schwarz’s energy healing massage

I call it “energy healing massage” in need of a better, more complete term. What Lindai does works multidimensionally – she lifts you out of your physical body into your energy body, profusely inundating you with a healing, soft energy. At the same time golden light starts to shine – Lindai’s actions have an integrating, strengthening and healing effect that is also deeply felt in the spiritual body.

The result is a state of complete balance and well-being – infused with a deep peace. Lindai herself calls it Reiki – but it differs much from Reiki as therapists who typically work with Reiki energy often apply a stale, or impure, or even “smelly” energy. Sometimes it is good you escape from the onslaught of so-called Reiki energy – the so-called therapists would do good in first purifying and healing themselves before being after other people – in Lindai’s case, however, it is a very gentle, nourishing and pure form of peaceful life energy that gets transmitted.

The quality of this deep form of massage or healing that Lindai Schwarz does stems very much from the integrity and purity Lindai has as a person. Anything anyone does to someone else not only touches, but often changes and even impregnates the receiver with the energy of the giver – and in quite a few cases this can be also not so positive.

With Lindai you will feel uplifted, purified and gently energized. In fact, I got interested in her work after reading a testimonial which intrigued me so much that I got really curious to feel and know what she was doing. After receiving her sublime energy massage my intrigue and the mystery were even stronger than before – I wonder how she is doing it and what she is doing. With this mystery unsolved and possibly unsolvable I am glad to know she exists and her unique service is available to those who are lucky enough to come across her.

Aditya Nowotny

International lecturer; meditation teacher

– Aditya Nowotny – International lecturer, Meditation teacher


My name is Chris Ferretti and I write this review as the biggest skeptic I know.

And skeptic or not…I’m sure the 1 thing we could agree on is that: Everyone has scars. Everyone has old wounds. Everyone is broken in some way.

No news there.

What’s interesting though is that in Western medicine, it has a way of making you look at your pain or issues from a topographical point of view.

You understand your pain. You see your pain. You understand the psychology of how you feel about your pain. You understand the psychology of the person who gave you the pain. And that’s all fine and good. But nothing is ever really done in terms of actually *healing* the pain.

That’s where reiki comes in. Lindai truly opened my mind, body and soul to the countless bags of emotional luggage I’d been unknowingly lugging around with me my entire life.

My first session with Lindai was nothing short of magical. She has only 1 agenda and 1 agenda only: to heal you. That’s it.

I am hands down the most skeptical person I know. And I can smell a bullshit artist a mile away.

And they’re out there for sure.

But Lindai is not one of them.

Like I said, she only cares about 1 thing. Healing you.

That’s it.

She has no judgement towards you or what you’re struggling with or working through.

The best feeling in the world is to realize that the anger or the fear or whatever you’re dealing with has finally begun to diminish in a real and meaningful way.

Some forgotten wound that got trapped inside you: whether it be the death of a loved one, a failed relationship, a betrayal, or whatever shit life, can and will, throw your way. These things get trapped inside you until your depression or your fear or your anger become the 3rd roommate. The unwanted houseguest. The dark cloud, looming over you, who’s shadow you can never seem to escape.

And these trapped emotions stay with you so long you actually become accustomed to them. It becomes “normal” to feel so depressed. And you forgot what life was like before you had to deal with any of this shit.

And after going to Lindai, I can tell you as someone who’s battled depression…and I can tell you without reservation that I felt the clouds part, if only slightly and I finally felt the warmth of the proverbial sun on my face.

And that’s the best feeling. Not so much that you feel good…but in realizing that that something buried inside you (that you didn’t even know was affecting you so deeply) has finally released it’s grasp from your overall being.

And to describe the actual reiki session with Lindai itself is nothing short of magic.

Lying there on the massage table, I’ll never forget the first time Lindai placed her hands two inches away from each of my ears. I had no idea what to expect but, I was open to the experience and whatever might happen.

Then suddenly I then felt an internal vibration that started inside my head and slowly moved its way throughout my entire body like a small wave finding its way to shore. It is unlike anything I have ever experienced. All while I began to feel this incredible heat radiating from Lindai’s hands. Note: She wasn’t touching me at all. She was merely holding her hands two inches away from my ears as she closed her eyes with the focus and determination that could only be compared to that of a samurai warrior.

The heat traveled throughout my entire body and it felt akin to what you might feel if you stood next to an open fire and felt the heat from the fire warming your skin. Warm and toasty but certainly not unbearable. And your body floods with this warm toasty feeling and energy.

And after an hour of this, as Lindai goes through each one of your different body parts and organs, and she finds where you hold your tension…and helps release it.

This all happens while soothing music plays in the background as she uses different aromatherapy oils to heal you.

But if you a skeptic like I once was before I went to my first reiki session with Lindai you might think “Big deal. I can go home. Lie next to a friggin’ fire place and light a Glade Essence candle and get the same effect. So what?”

And to that I would say…everything I just mentioned is merely just a bonus little side effect of the process.

The main thing you will experience is that you can actually begin to feel yourself letting go of all the pain and bullshit inside you. Pain and emotion that you didn’t even know that was there…and holding you hostage for so many years.

When I went to my first session with Lindai, tears poured out of my eyes like an open facet throughout the session not because I was sad but because I was simply overwhelmed with the feeling of joy, peace, and serenity that had seemed to escape me for so long.

Are the sad and painful memories are still there? Sure but they don’t have the same grip over you they once did.

I’ve been to Lindai a few times and I finally feel that I’ve found something to actually help release this pain inside me and to actually focus on healing.

I cannot recommend Lindai enough. The first day I met her she said “I am not looking to have you as a lifetime customer. I want to help release whatever pain is inside you that might be holding you back.”

She is a unique spirit and truly is a one of a kind and if you’re on the fence about all of this, just go. Just try it. Because life is too short to carry around all this pain and bullshit that someone else gave us.

Chris Ferretti – Actor. Writer. Comedian.

– Chris Ferretti – Actor. Writer. Comedian.

Lindai’s massages have helped me recover from the vigorous workouts and strenuous teaching schedule that I constantly put myself through.  She handles my problematic shoulders and calves with ease, but she also finds other spots that are tight or tense that I wasn’t aware of.   That’s what separates her from others, her intuitive ability to find what needs work.  Whether for general relaxation or to get the kinks out of a sore muscle, I can recommend no one better!

– Alessandro, Martial Arts Instructor

The first time I met Lindai, I noticed a certain healing energy from her that is very positive. When I found myself stressed, unhappy, and unable to get over the hump, I decided to give her Thai Massage and Reiki a try. I was skeptical at first as to what she could do for me since I am extremely ticklish and do not like being touched. However, Lindai was very attentive to my needs and knew exactly which areas to work on. After her massage, I felt so relaxed and happy that I was smiling for weeks! My friends thought it was so cute how happy I have been after the massage. Since then, I make sure to get a massage from Lindai at least once a month.

It’s refreshing to meet someone who is as passionate about her work as I am with mine. It’s good to know that for her it’s not just a job, but something she really enjoys doing. Lindai definitely has magic hands. I highly recommend getting the Thai Massage and Reiki together – it’ll do wonders!

– Vita, Web & Graphic Designer

My job keeps me on my feet all day and often at night if I have a dance performance. As dance teacher I can’t afford to be stiff or inflexible. Lindai makes sure my muscles are relaxed and my joints lose. I try to see her on a regular basis, which isn’t always easy in my field of work, and I’m grateful that Lindai is very accommodating with her own busy schedule. I can highly recommend her! 

– Alex, 40, Dance Teacher

Because of my office job, I keep all my stress in my upper body, particularly the neck and shoulders.  I don’t often go and get massages because I often find the masseuse too rough and/or does not know what he/she is doing.  I also know a thing or two about massages and so often compare them to my own hands and they are often not worth the time and trouble. Then I met Lindai and was so happy when she massaged me. She has that “touch” that relaxes you and can find all those sore spots and knots and such great strength and endurance to work them out.  Since I come from Long Island, I can’t go see her often, but I try to see her as often as possible!

– Anna, Chef

Every session with Lindai is amazing. I leave very relaxed and feel like a new man. I make sure to see her at least once a month.

– Eddie, Massage Therapist

Working in construction and doing Brazilian Jiu Jutsu are both physically very demanding. Naturally, my muscles are overworked and tense. Relaxation is very important for me and I have been going to various massage places for years. When I first met Lindai I was curious if she can deliver the same good service. I was more than surprised that she intuitively found all the sore spots and problem zones without me telling her. She did an amazing job working on my shoulders and back, which were especially sore. I felt very relaxed when I left and have become a regular since then. Lindai always knows which body parts are most tense and gives them the attention needed, working on the muscles until they relax.

– Joao, 47, Construction Worker


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